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sslow car
1truck cab
2truck trailer
3truck trailer
|Lane lines
Distance calculator
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Scale and setup
Every "square" is roughly 15 feet long and 10 feet wide. The '|'s do not actually represent squares but are just there to help legibility, thus this should take place on a grid three squares wide (and however long is neccessary). In general, everything will remain stationary, however the fast and slow cars (see below) will actually move. At the start of every round, a character moves ahead a total of 85 feet just be keeping up with the flow of traffic. Modify this total by increments of 15 as appropriate whenever the character moves forwards or backwards a square

Any character involved in a chase moves at a rate of one square on the first turn. On all subsequent turns, the character moves two squares as long as they moved at least one square forward in the last round and did not fail any drive checks. For each square forward, a character may also move up to one square side to side. A character who chooses not to move forward may also simply move up to one square to either side. Characters may also move half a square and drive along the lines. This is useful when a character wishes to drive between two other adjacent vehicles (see below). Characters may also move backwards up to two squares, pushing any vehicles behind them back as neccessary. They may move back two squares even if they're only allowed to move one for some reason. Fast and slow cars Two special vehicles, the fast and slow cars, move around the grid just like the players. Driving between vehicles As long as a character is not driving a truck or larger vehicle, they can attempt to drive between two vehicles in adjacent lanes. Use the table below to find the DC of the drive check neccessary:

Base: 15
+5 For each truck (1, 2 or 3) involved
-5 For each motorcycle (m) involved, including if the character is driving one.

For example, a motorcycle driving between a truck and a car is DC 15 (-5 for riding a motorcycle, +5 for one truck involved). Driving a car between two motorcycles is DC 10 (-5 for each of the motorcycles).

Failure means there is not enough space or the character is not confident enough to try to drive between them. He/she does not move forward and his/her round is over. Next round the character may only move one square. If a character rolls a 1, the character midjudges the amount of space available and makes another drive check at the same DC. If the character fails this roll, there is a collision. Nothing happens if the character succeeds.

If a character is still driving between two vehicles which he/she successfully rolled for last round, no check is neccessary.

Throwing debris
A character may attempt to throw small debris at another character pursuing him/her. The character makes a ranged attack roll which will be the DC to avoid the object. The target must make a successful drive check against that DC, with the following modifiers:
+2For each non-motorcycle vehicle in an adjacent lane
+2For each motorcycle (m) within a half square (i.e. character driving between a motorcycle and something else)
+5For each car (c, s, f) within a half square
+7For each truck (1, 2, 3) within a half square
-2For each square the character is behind the attacker
-2For each half-square the character is to a side of the attacker
-5If character is riding a motorcycle
Example: Roger is pursuing Reesa Shadowstep. He's currently a half square to the left of her-- driving between a motorcycle and a truck-- and three squares behind her. She attacks and rolls a total of 13. Roger must make a drive check at DC 14 to avoid the object (+2 and +7 for driving between a motorcycle and a truck, -2 for being one square off to the side, -6 for being three squares behind). If a character is struck by an object, the vehicle generally takes 1d6 damage. In the case of a motorcycle or if for some other reason the character is not protected by a windshield, there's a 50% chance they'll be hit for 1d6 damage as well. In addition, regardless of whether the character is hit or not, they can only move one square next round.

Manual generation
If you'd prefer to roll up the traffic manually at the game table, here are the tables used in this program. It's pretty self-explanatory.

1-2 | |
5-6x| |
9-11x| |x
12-14 |x|x
15-17 |x|
18-20 |x|x
Vehicle type
1Big truck (takes up two squares forward)
4Slow car
5Fast car
6-8Small truck (takes up one square forward)

Offline use
Just save this page and you can use it offline any time you want!