Chemical-Number Converter

How to use

  • Enter a chemical formula and press convert, and the chemical will be translated into a number.
  • Enter a number and press convert, and the number's prime factorization will be used to create a chemical formula. Note that it probably won't be a "real" chemical. Also note that since there are only 118 elements in this list, numbers with prime factors larger than 647 (the 118th prime) will not fully convert.

Things to try

  • Common chemical formulas like water (H2O), table salt (NaCl), or hydrochloric acid (H2SO4)
  • Birthdays I was born November 27th, 1984. 11271984 doesn't work because it has some prime factors larger than 647, but 112784 yields H4BeOS.
  • Favorite numbers Just enter your favorite number and find the associated formula.

How it works

Hydrogen, the first element with atomic number 1, is assigned the number 2. Each element in order of atomic number is assigned a unique prime, up to Ununoctium (atomic number 118) which gets the 118th prime, 647. Using this association, one can convert chemicals into numbers and numbers into chemicals.