Beta version by Asmor. I plan on updating this soon but then again I'm a lazy bastard and rarely finish what I start. But hopefully this'll help you out a bit with making your own little demi planes as needed.

The name is generated using a list from a different person's name generator, available here.
Asmor's webpage For the latest version of this script and a ton of other stuff, check this site out!

If you'd like to save this to your computer, go ahead. If you experience troubles, be sure you chose to save as HTML only and not a "complete" webpage (saving as a complete webpage converts everything into static code so it always looks the way it was when you saved it).

Update, 7/10/05! Please note that aside from updating the links to my new site, this is exactly as I wrote it so many years ago and so yeah, I probably won't be updating it any time soon...