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Color picker - A little script I made while learning some of the finer points of the interactions between CSS and JavaScript. Allows you to create 4 swatches of colors and apply them to a paragraph of text.CSS Menu - Another thing I made while playing around with CSS. Only works in Firefox for some reason. I think it's really, really cool. If a pullout menu were something I was interested in, I'd totally use this.

D&D 4e

Ability Score Calculator - A more forgiving ability score calculator that lets you play around a bitDigital Squire - A program to keep track of your character at the game table, replacing your character sheet.Encounter Planner - Helps you build encounters based on templates.Ensemble - Helps inspire you to create PCs and NPCs by randomly generating class, race and backgroundsMath Cruncher - An aid for building monsters for D&D 4th edition. It does all the formulas and math so you can focus on the fun stuff! (Note that the Monster Maker includes this functionality built in)Monster Lister - A way to query my database of monsters on a variety of criteria, perfect for building encounters.Monster Maker - Lets you make and save monsters for D&D 4th edition, and export them to attractive and authentic stat blocks.Quartermaster - A random treasure generator for 4th edition using all the items in the Treasure TroveRandom Encounter Generator - Generate random encounters for your D&D 4th Edition gamesTreasure Trove - Helps you find magic items for your D&D 4e characters


Dominion Randomizer - A Dominion randomizer optimized for mobile devices, e.g. the iPhone.Moderator - An automated moderator for games of Werewolf, helping to preserve perfect secrecy, prevent information slips, and allow for groups to play without one person having to sit out as the moderator.Thundermaster - An intelligent randomizer for Thunderstone


Adventure Seed Generator - Generates titles of adventures to spark your imagination!Martial Arts Technique Generator - I made this from some tables in an issue of Dragon. Creates some funny stuff.Pulp Science Invention Generator - Created this one from some tables in d20 past, creates pulpy pseudo-scientific inventions.


Chemical-Number Converter - Associates prime numbers with elements to convert between chemical formulas and composite numbers.


Pokédex - A program for tracking your pokémon collection, targetted at people who trade frequently.


Chronepsis - A simple turn timer using the design philosophy of MicroDie-- always visible, doesn't disrupt your workflow.Combat Tracker - This is a combat tracker I made for D&D and other D20 games. It was experimental and no longer supported. Feel free to use or modify as you like, but please don't ask me for any support with it.D20 Modern Highway Traffic Generator - This is some rules I made for having highway chase scenes in D20 modern, along with a generator to automate them.Demiplane Generator - Creates a randomized demiplane according to the tables in the Manual of the Planes. Due to the difficulties in translating size into dimensions (especially when you consider the odd shapes the demiplanes can be), this is one of my more complicated generators.Dice Roller - One of my earliest creations from a long time ago. It's a standard dice roller, very easy to use and yet very flexible.DiceChucker - The sequel to my Javascript dice roller, integrating advanced randomization algorithms and the ability to save and load your settings. Requires Windows.MicroDie - A tiny dice roller meant to be convenient and unobtrusive so that you can easily integrate it into your workflow.Savage Worlds Character Assistant - Script to help you pick your attributes and skills for Savage Worlds games