Monster Maker

Get Monster Maker v3.5

Alternatively, you can get the standalone version without installer or auto-updates. If you're not sure which version to get, you probably want the one up above. Please note that the standalone version is 3.5; It will be updated to 3.6 in a few days

What is Monster Maker?
Monster Maker is a program which lets you create and save monsters for 4th edition, and export them as HTML statblocks to be printed, posted online, etc. Monster Maker automatically calculates ability modifiers and experience point value, but all other values must be filled in manually.

Where can I get the D&D attack icon font?
You can download it from here. Just extract the font to your c:\windows\fonts directory.

How do I make a good, balanced monster?
Just follow the guidelines in the Dungeon Masters Guide, on page 184. You can also use my 4E Monster Math Cruncher to help you take care of all the numbers quickly and easily, so you can spend your effort on the fun and creative portions of the process like making the powers which make your monster tick.

Special Thanks
Special thanks to Daelkyr of ENWorld for his 4e attack icons font. Special thanks to Michael Leger for the icon.

Having trouble?
If you're having troubles, make sure you've got the .Net framework version 3.5 installed. To download it from Microsoft, install version 3.0 first and then 3.5. Get 3.0 here and get 3.5 here.

Windows Vista users, you only need to get the .Net Framework 3.5. Version 3.0 is already included in Vista.

3.6 6/17/09 (Standalone download not yet available)

  • You can now browse the compendium from inside Monster Maker and import monsters directly from it.

3.5 3/28/09

  • Now using ClickOnce to install Monster Maker. This will automatically set up file associations, add start menu entry, and add uninstallation entry to the control panel

    Important! If you're using Firefox and have the .Net Framework 3.5, this should work fine. If you have problems, however, you have two options. 1: Get the FFClickOnce addon to add support to FireFox or 2: Use Internet Explorer. Once the program is installed, it can be updated in the future without a browser. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  • The program will now check for updates when it is started.
  • Added support for saving as XML
  • Added support for importing monsters from the D&D Insider Compendium.

    To do this, view the monster's stat block on a new page (shortcut: middle click or control+click), and then save that page. Make sure you save as HTML only, not as "webpage complete" or something like that.

    Once you've saved the html file, click File -> Load in Monster Maker and in the file type box choose D&D Insider Compendium files. Then select the file you wish to load.

    This functionality is experimental! Please let me know if you encounter any problems with it!

  • Added file association support. By default, .mon and .xmon files are associated with it.
  • Most new windows (e.g. add power window) will now be centered on the main program's window when they're opened.
  • It is now possible to explicitly order auras and powers.
  • Powers and auras have been moved to separate tabs, and now show a larger preview of each in the list.
  • Selects all text when you tab to new fields, easing data entry.
  • Wiki output finally includes elite/solo status

3.4 12/23/08

  • Added capability for including images with your monsters.

3.3 12/20/08

  • Fixed bug with parts of level and XP being cut off in Internet Explorer
  • Program now outputs a file which should validate as XHTML 1.0 Strict, unless you've done something weird. If you don't know what this means, you probably don't have to worry too much about nit.
  • Added comments to help in copy/pasting the source code
  • When outputting to wiki markup, keywords will now be a separate field (previously had been rolled into type)

3.2 11/02/08

  • Wiki output has been changed to conform with new standards and template changes at The Open Archive Wiki.
  • Added a button in wiki output to take you to the edit page named for the monster you've created on the wiki.

3.1 10/18/08

  • Fixed tab order of section window
  • Fixed issue with medium at-will damage using high damage values
  • Initiative bonus now given to lurkers, skirmishers and soldiers
  • Inititive now based only on Dex (previously, was incorrectly based on higher of Dex and Int)
  • Added skill window to ease and speed up selection of skills
  • HTML files now have the monster's name as a title
  • Added option to export monster in wiki markup for posting on The Open Archive Wiki.
  • Changes to output HTML and 4e.css; sections are now limited to same width as stat block; font tags have been replaced with span tags; significant changes to 4e.css made

3.0 9/26/08

  • Special thanks to Michael Leger for providing a great icon!
  • You can now add sections to monsters, such as knowledge checks, tactics, etc.
  • 4e.css has been updated to format the sections
  • Fixed power displays (First line of text in power descriptions now indented like the rest)
  • The program now checks if 4e.css is in the same directory as exported HTML and offers to copy it there if not
  • Pressing enter no longer closes the power and aura windows.

2.4 9/8/08

  • You can now import powers and auras from other monsters.
  • Fixed minor issue where default filenames were missing Ws
  • Cleaned up the windows' border styles a bit

2.3 8/26/08

  • Fixed bug where auras appeared to be deleted but weren't
  • Added tools menu option with auto-calculation of stats (based on my Math Cruncher and the DMG).

2.2 7/30/08

  • Fixed issue where negative initiative modifiers would not exported correctly
  • When saving and exporting, the filename will default to the monster's name
  • Added an option to file menu to make a new monster, clearing all fields
  • When exporting, the html file you create will automatically be launched
  • You can now write custom text in the recharge field for powers. 2+, 3+, 4+, 5+ and 6+ will all be replaced with dice icons anywhere they occur in the recharge field.

2.1 7/27/08

  • Fixed bug with senses and perception fields not saving, loading or exporting correctly.

2.0 7/19/08

  • Fixed bug with keywords not being displayed.
  • Added field for regeneration
  • Added field for comments on the HP line (for example, see the Giant Mummy on page 193 of the Monster Manual)
  • Due to these additions, 1.x versions of the program CANNOT load files made with version 2.0; Version 2.0 can load files made by older versions, though.
  • Extensive UI improvements

1.1 7/2/08

  • Fixed typo in interface (languages was spelled lanugages)
  • Made more text fields editable so that you're not restricted to the pre-set options; it's still recommended that you stick with the existing ones, but the option's there to mess with them if you want.
  • Changed recharge times to be lowercase, rather than capitalized
  • Added space between attack icon and power name
  • Fixed issue with empty parentheses showing up if a power had no recharge nor action
  • Removed extraneous semi-colons in multiple places

1.0 6/24/08

  • First public release