Download Pokédex v2.1

What is Pokédex?
Pokédex is a program I wrote for the PokeWiFi community on LiveJournal. It's a collection tracker for people who play Pokémon, which allows them to easily keep track of what pokémon they have and need, and more importantly quickly and easily generate lists of what pokémon they have available for trade and what they're trying to get.

Having trouble?
Make sure you unzip all the files in the zip file to the same directory before running pokedex.exe. If you're still having troubles, try installing the .Net Framework, which can be downloaded from Microsoft here.

Pokédex 2.0 - Click to enlarge

Version history

2.1 7/16/07

  • Fixed bug with trainer info not being saved correctly
  • Fixed bug with where opened save files hadn't been closed properly
  • Pokemon numbers under 100 now have leading 0s (i.e. 007 instead of 7) in reports
2.0 7/15/07
  • Pressing enter will now filter the list. This is primarily handy for name filters.
  • Added save confirmation when loading file
  • Modified layout slightly to make better use of space
  • Changed "key" section to "help" section, added tips on selecting multple pokemon and kanto region dex numbers
  • Added templated reporting
  • Added config file for storing trainer info
  • Minor bug fixes: If a pokémon was selected and the filter was changed, website buttons would still act as if that pokémon was selected and cause an exception if clicked.
  • Updated list of pokemon for correctness
1.6 1.5
  • Fixed Nidoran F and Nidoran M names
  • Added name filter
  • Added column sorting
  • Fixed bug with Fighting-type pokémon being displayed improperly or not at all
  • First release